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Think Digital, Do Digital

A creative and passionate digital marketer with more than 7 years of experience in the management of hundred thousand dollar budget through all marketing channels. Extensive hands-on knowledge of digital marketing. 

What We Do

What I Do

Laser Targeted People

Generate scalable, high-intent traffic, more likely to convert on the first click.

Conversion Optimized
Landing Pages

Traffic is great, but you rather get sales. Landing pages are tested and proven to increase conversion rates.

Track Single Conversion

I track every single conversion event in your funnel, whether they're sales, leads, subscriptions, or more. I'm also able to track revenues and give you insight into your ROI on every level of your ads.

Track, test and make it better

Optimize the customer journey and get the best possible return on ad spend.

I Do This By Combining

Search Engine Marketing

Your best bet at high intent ready-to-buy traffic. Google Ads, Bing, and others allow you to find users in the moment where they need you the most.

SKAGs Build

Conversion-Focused Optimization

Call Tracking


Social Ads

Facebook, Instagram, and other platforms are where the best marketers get to shine. Combine emotional intelligence, analytics, critical thinking, strategy, creativity, and so much more.

ROAS-Focused Campaign Scaling

Multi-Layered Testing

Funnel Conversion Optimization

Landing Page Design & Optimization

I’ve been rigorously testing landing pages in combination with paid ads for over 7 years. Create a clear and engaging copy that will inspire your prospects to take action and consistently outperform websites and average landing page

Split Testing

Landing Page Journey Analytics

Funnel Builds, Up-Sells & Down-Sells

Sales Focus PPC

My Work

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Results You Can Trust!

Akhil Bali

+1 438 227 1254

327 - 795, 1er Ave Lachine

QC, H8S 4M1


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